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Website Maintenance

Content Analysis, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing

Unimark Creative has been designing Calgary websites since 1998. Experience has taught us that when new clients ask about website maintenance, they are really asking if we promptly return service requests when website updates are needed. The answer is yes! But, we do much more.

Content and SEO Analysis

Our maintenance package includes content analysis. Content includes everything you read, see, or hear including text, graphic design, photos, videos, podcasts, titles, colors – anything that will engage visitors. Quality content that provides value, relevance and meaning translates into higher search engine ranking. We review links, directory listings and other online marketing elements.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of doing a series of small things in an organized fashion to attract search engine spiders, gobots and crawlers. SEO has become a science due to the high level of search engine sophistication and constant evolution.