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Web Design

Web Design — Digital Media, Online Marketing, Content Creation, SEO

Web Design - Unimark Creative

A web design by Unimark Creative in Calgary will reflect your unique brand. A website with relevant content and dynamic design will engage visitors and make lasting first impressions. Visitors are motivated to spend more time on each page which provides a deeper brand experience.

Unimark websites solve marketing problems. We provide complete web design services including content writing, online marketing, photography, search engine optiization, analytics and social media services. We design websites to be functional and easy to navigate. All key services are offered inhouse.

Your online Hub

A dynamic web design will become the hub of your marketing activities and become your online sales or communications centre. If you are in retail, traditional advertising forms like radio, television, print will lead back to your site where prospective customers will expand their brand experience and find more information.

Social media such as YouTube, Twitter, eNews, LinkedIn, Pintrest, SoundCloud, and FaceBook will lead back to your website and close the loop of customer engagement. Effective search engine optimization and other online marketing strategies bring it all together.

Latest Web Design Projects

Starting the Web Design Process

We take the pain out of web design. Once a project is launched, our professionals will take you through a detailed discovery process. To accurately reflect your brand and industry culture, we need to understand who you are and what you do. Contact us and we will assess your needs and provide a quote.

Go to UniMark President Robyn T. Braley’s blog for articles about effective websites, SEO, online content, media convergience, social media and other relevant marketing topics.

More Online Web Services

Social Media

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As part of it's web design, UniMark Creative provides full Social Media services. Social media is a collection of online tools and websites that make it possible for people to connect online. It allows users to have cyber conversations with limitless numbers of viral community groups.

Sound stuffy? Here are the straight goods.

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Content Management

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At UniMark Creative, we realize it only makes sense for clients to have the ability to make quick changes to relevant sections of their website. Our web design allows clients to add, delete, or edit text or data. They can add or delete photos, PDFs, videos or audio clips without needing to know Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) codes.

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Website Maintenance

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UniMark Creative has been in the web design business since 1998. We have learned that when new clients ask about website maintenance, they are really asking if we promptly answer email or phone requests when website updates are needed.

The answer is yes! But, we do much more.

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