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City TV News Interiview with Charles Dean, HC Piper
City TV News Interview with Charles Dean, HC Piper Manufacturing.

Getting your story covered by the media is an excellent way to build your brand by communicating with the masses. UniMark Creative professionals will develop an integrated media strategy that will meet your communications goals. Unimark has developed successful media campaign for select groups of clients for more than 20 years.

News coverage provides credibility for your company, product, promotion or views. Communicating through the media delivers key messages that shape public opinion, motivate the masses, or introduce new products, services or ideas. People believe what they hear, read, or see in the news – or online.

Media Convergence

Traditional media often upload stories and interviews to the internet extending the reach of your exposure. People talk about it, Tweet it, Facebook it, Link back to it and Google the news. Placing the story on your company website and making it the centre of your own social media campaign allows you to shape the story in your corporate voice.

Bringing new media and traditional media together creates synergy and power. As a full service agency, we provide all creative, production and logistic services in-house.


Before we distribute your story, we take you through a half day seminar. Why? We never know how far reaching coverage may be. When the action starts, our clients are prepared and ready to respond immediately to interview requests. They know what to do – an more importantly – what not to do.

Performance coaching includes speech, body language and delivery training. We cover basic interview techniques and how to respond to tough or unexpected questions.

Most important, we teach that, “If you don’t want to see it, read it, or hear it in the media, don’t do it, say it, show it, tweet it, Facebook it or upload a video from your phone.”

Crises Communications

When W-five, Sixty Minutes, Fifth Estate or CNN crews show up in your lobby, it is too late to plan a crises communications strategy. When reputations, equity, or public safety are at risk, a crisis response plan will manage risk, calm the public, and insure that all key messages are communicated. Go to Robyn T. Braley’s blog for articles about Crisis Communication.