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Branding - The Heart and Soul of your Company

Looking for a custom brand program for your company?

UniMark Creative has the experience and the creative skills to make it happen.

We'll Create Your Unique Brand Identity

Branding encompasses much more than designing a cool logo, catchy slogan, and flashy corporate colors. UniMark Creative approaches branding by interpreting the values, meaning, and heart of your company, product or service. UniMark offers full services. We will create the unique brand identity that tells your story.

With the convergence of traditional, online, and social media, a strong brand that translates easily across a variety of platforms is key to building customer loyalty.

What is a Brand?

Brands tell stories. Brand success comes through absorbing customers into long term relationships by providing value and positive experiences. The result? Satisfied customers.

A brand reflects the inner soul of a product or organization. Brand elements are the outward expression of the inner meaning. An effective brand wins the trust of your customers and motivates them to do business with you.

Brand-building is the process of strengthening customer commitment to the point where they no longer consider the competition. The goal is to develop customer loyalty until it becomes a cult-like following.

Branding Process

We begin by using a variety of methods to discover what makes your business unique. Information is gathered that is interpreted, analyzed, and used to shape your brand elements.

Our step-by-step system will take you and your team through an interactive process from research to the launch of your new identity. UniMark professionals will work with you to explain the process in a way that is easy-to-understand.

We want our clients to make informed decisions based on sound reasoning and not just an emotional reaction. Great art doesn’t always provide great meaning.